Saturday, 12 February 2011



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Love Donna xxxx 

Monday, 10 January 2011

**GIVEAWAY**** And new blog information...

Well Hello Lovely People :)

For the time being, this will be my last post on Bizzydays (I say timebeing as I change my mind like the weather LOl)

I have moved over to this shiny new blog.

So from now on, I shall be over there.
I haven't finished 'doing it all up' yet, but you can still enter the giveaway :)

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Alternative sausage rolls for bizzy people....

Hello lovely people :0)

How are you all this fine, clear evening?
Hope this post finds you all fine and dandy, well over all the indulgance of Christmas, and raring to go on with all your crafty lives :0)

Now, I didn't know whether to blog this or not.
I thought that maybe, it might be a little basic, but then maybe (as well) you might like to try 'em.
And, children (most) love 'em.

This is our alternative to sausage rolls (we eat sausage rolls too, veggie ones though).
This is probably a very old idea, but i made it up (for us) when our youngest daughter was about 2, as she wouldn't eat bread!
I mean, have you ever met a child that wouldn't eat bread?
And can you picture how awkward that makes having a picnic ? lol

Anyway, I'll get on with it shall I?

Take 6 cooked sausages (we use veggie ones, but obviously any will work)
Then get 6 slices of sliced bread (uncut doesn't work)

Take your bread knife, and carefully cut all the crust edges off, leaving as much soft bread as you can..
Your left with a nice plump slice like this..

Then, take your rolling pin, and roll out the bread till it's as flat as you can roll it..

You'll find that you get a slightly thicker end where it won't roll properly..

Now, if you'r eusing hot, just cooked sausages, don't butter the bread, but it they're cold out the fridge, then you may need to spread a thin amount of butter on the slice...

Take some sauce of your choice (we use tomato ketchup)..
And dollop a bit on each end..

Get a sausage and place it on the flatter end (not the thick end)..

Next roll it all up, and ...


An alternative sausage roll!

Children love 'em (even older ones ;)  )
And they're excellent for packed lunches and cut in half for parties, even put a cocktail stick through  'em!

Just a note, if you cover the whole slice in sauce, the sausage slips
Have fun ;)

I'm still beavering away on my 'flower motif' motifs.
And I've been practicing those granny squares, with flowers poking out the top that are doing the rounds (not lol) know the ones I mean?

But they are SO fiddlely. Has anyone else found that?
Maybe I'll be able to show you what I mean in my next post as i forgot to take a photo.

Anyway, I'm off for a rare treat this evening...
Going to watch The Expendables on Box Office. (A Christmas present for when it came out :o)
I do love some action films, well, the older ones, or rather the ones with the older men in, you know, Sly, (didn't think much of Rambo though!) Arnie, Bruce and quite a late comer Jason Statham. (I do really like Jason Statham, but I think he's a bit short for me, now if only he were taller,..... and I was slimmer...LOL)

My OH thinks it's hilarious that there's a film with all my 'hero's' in!....AND I got excited about it when it came

Anyway, I can tell I'm rambling now, and I've got to list some buttons in my Etsy before we watch it!
Have a great weekend everyone.
Take care,
Speak soon,
Love Donna xxxxxxxxxxx


Monday, 3 January 2011

Yarn Stashers...

Well, hello all you lovely bloggy people :0)
How are you this fine (actually drizzly here!) evening?

Got over Christmas and New Years eve have you?
For the first time we let all the children stay up to 'see in' the New Year this year.
We got a pizza, some fizzy drinks (just to make sure they didn't sleep when they eventually went to bed Lol) and some popcorn, and watched old films all evening. Well, I say old, I mean like 'The Mummy' and it's sequel etc.. which I'll agree with the children is 'old' for them...

But the children hadn't seen them before, so we all had fun. I think I was the only 'grump' about, as I had a migraine coming, and had to try and be all happy and excited like they were at them staying up. I think I succeeded, because I just sat there quietly crocheting which is what I always do if I'm sitting down anyway. My husband was the only one to notice luckily :0)

Still, migraine and the holidays all over with now.
(Am I being a party pooper?)

Now we can all begin with a fresh new year getting on with everything crafty :0)

I think I've crocheted enough bags now, so I'm gradually putting them in my Etsy shop (well, 'cos of my migraine, I've only put one so far LOL, but the point is I'm getting there!).

I've started a couple of new projects.
The first is a 'SPRING' blanket.
Now, I know what I'm making will look like lots of crochet doilies to you, but I assure you, the 'olde fashionede' (new word here folks) seventies book that I got the doily recipe from assures me that it is a 'Flower Motif' .

I've now finished quite a few, but I'm unsure as to whether or not to do multi coloured ones?
You know, with a flower centre and dfferent coloured outside petals?
What d'you all think?

I want it to be nice and bright and well,...SPRINGY ish..
I need to find more room for my oddballs of yarn too, so I made a little upcycled basket for them to go in ..

I used the majority of the thrifted sheet that it's sitting on to make it with.
This is my new yarn stasher.

I've also been playing with one of my christmas presents..

It's good isn't it?
It's a Paper Potter. I've wanted one of these for a few years now. You just rip any old papers into strips (we don't get a news paper, so I had to buy one 'specially to play with my new toy ! ), then fold it round what looks like the end of a rolling pin (thrifty ideas coming anyone?), squish it on the stand, and Hey Presto, you have a little recycled pot to plant your seeds in, then you can just plant them in the ground in as it's bio-degradeable..  Cool eh?

I kinda missed the point though, as I bought a news paper....LOl

Still, it's getting to Spring now with all the gardening and planting happening..
And this just brought it a bit closer for me...-  me who loves SNOW!
Still, if it's not snowing, I want it to be warm and sunny:0)

Well, that's all I have to say today lovely people.

I'm going to pop over to Etsy and list at least one other bag, then get on with my spring blanket.

I'll leave the last word for what's left of our snowman...

Till next time, take care,
Love Donna xxx

LOL Bye xxxxxxxxxxxx