Monday, 10 January 2011

**GIVEAWAY**** And new blog information...

Well Hello Lovely People :)

For the time being, this will be my last post on Bizzydays (I say timebeing as I change my mind like the weather LOl)

I have moved over to this shiny new blog.

So from now on, I shall be over there.
I haven't finished 'doing it all up' yet, but you can still enter the giveaway :)

If you pop on over, you will be able to enter the  GIVEAWAY that I've
just opened for two splendiferous books.

I forgot to add over there that anyone in the world can enter, not just UK entrants.

So don't forget to pop over and put your name down.

Take care, and I'll be back tomorrow with more photos.
Love Donna x


  1. Okay Donna, I'm going over to the new blog!

  2. Thank you Donna for your comment & the advice! Lizzie x

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