Tuesday, 18 May 2010


....Look what I've done!!
Sorry, you haven't a clue what I'm on about have you?
Well, look down there on the right hand side of my blog...
See it?
Yes, not only have I actually listed in my DaWanda shop (only one item I know, but it's a start! lol) but, I've managed to link it to my blog! Hows that for clever? LOL :0)
Have you ever heard the saying 'Little things please little minds?'
That's me!
Have a great day everyone ;0)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Well, do you know....

I've been really busy since my last post. I named my blog and my 'shop' BizzyDays' 'cos I'm always so busy, but I didn't realise that I would be much too busy to blog anything, or to list anything in my shop!
First picture below is of the 'obligatory' free Cath Kidston bag that came with style magazine this month. I love this floral print -I loved the other option too, but I had to choose! LOL

The next picture is a cutie! It's my birthday today, but we celebrated it yesterday as the children were at school today.
Last week, I made some 'boy-bunting' for my son's birthday which is at the end of May, (I'll put a picture on here on his birthday) My youngest daughter watched me make it, and kept asking for all the odd bits of fabric that were left. Off she popped to her room, and here is the result!
(She's kept this hidden since she made it!)
She's crocheted a ribbon chain, and made me my own 39th Birthday Bunting!
Sorry the pictures aren't too hot! She's tied the 'flags' on to the ribbon chain with mohair yarn.
It was a lovely surprise to open my eyes to it yesterday!

This is where we went yesterday, to a little town called Shaftesbury.
It's the place where the 'Hovis' bread advert was filmed. Do you remember that ad?
It's the one where the bread delivery boy is pushing the old fashioned delivery bike up the hill.
Well, this is the hill.
Pictures not too sunny 'cos it was raining there.

There's a beautiful view there normally, but even though it was raining the view wasn't too bad.

This Wisteria was in the carpark on a wall entwined with the clematis 'Montana'. It looked so pretty growing together, I had to take photos :)

Unfortunately, I still haven't had time to list in my DaWanda shop yet, but hopefully I'm going over there when I've finished this post to list some items!!
I'd like to thank you all for your comments and emails. It appears I'm not alone with my nasty migraines, which although it doesn't stop the pain, it does make me feel a bit better to know other people also suffer as much with them as I do! (I mean this in the nicest way possible !:0))
And I'd especially like to thank Jennie for not only all her hints and tips on getting my blog going, but also being a fellow migraine sufferer ! ;0)
Have a good week everyone, and lets hope we get some sun!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Over the forest....

...We go every morning and every afternoon (and sometimes in the middle of the day as my eldest daughter is part-time!). This is the New Forest, and I have to admit we probably have one of the nicest 'commutes' to school, even if it is 20 miles each way! (at least 80 miles a day, -sometimes 120!)
These are the sights that we meet every day, which in the spring time when the foals are out, and I have both girls in the car (my son's not too bothered) takes us a while to get past, because obviously we have to go extra slow to look at the 'latest' new foal to be born....
This little darling we have named 'Star' :) And he was the first one we have seen this year...He's a couple of weeks old now though.
They are darlings though, and so are the little cows!
Photos a little fuzzy as it was taken through my windscreen!
I got a single duvet cover out of my stash......
Can you guess what I've made with it?..

It was a beautiful old vintage one that had lovely bunches of roses on it ...

You know the type, lovely cottagy (is that a word?) roses, in beautiful cottagy colours...

With some lovely pale blue stripes to add interest when I had cut it up..

I have made a new bowl :)
About 8" diameter...

And about 2" high.

I've decided to start listing things I make in one of my many (see previous posts!)online shops. I'm going to try DaWanda, simply because it's free to list and money is tight at the moment what with moving.....

This is going to be the first item I list..then I'm going to add a few trivets and little bowls and I've got something up my sleeve as a signature piece....

Does anyone else have any signature pieces?


I still haven't finished my lavender pillows yet, so I'm afraid I can't show you them...I've been busy sorting me eldest out who now has a cracked rib.... During one of her seizures, she fell against the bath...That's the trouble with her Epilepsy we have absolutely no warning about her seizures, and she has really suffered some horrible injuries from them...Still, that's life eh?..

On the moving front, we have found a chalet bungalow that is beautiful, and it is already adapted for someone with disabilities, how about that??... I don't want to say too much in case I jinx it, but I'm going to keep praying (although I'm not religious, does that count?) and keep everything crossed...Can you as well please? :0)

We won't be able to move into it yet though, as there are still tenants in there, but we're hopeful...

Anyway, better go now to get the children to bed, then swith telly on to watch Aly's Edible Garden, and Cracking Antiques...One hour of my telly a week isn't bad is it?

Take care everyone...

Speak soon...x

Sunday, 2 May 2010


I HATE migraines!!! I haven't posted in ages, and I've not been able to feed my 'addiction' of reading other bloggers blogs due to the fact that in 8 days I have had two of my migraines-they're not just the sort that are over in a couple of hours either...Oh no, mine last for two/three and sometimes even four days! And most of that time I have to spend in bed....UUUuurgh!

Now, rant over... :) (sorry about that!)


Because I haven't been about much, I was unable to fulfil my promise to send some items to 'Cupcakes at Home' .
(I hasten to add that I will now be sending the items off on Tuesday morning:) )
This is a blogger who has a small animal charity. Unfortunately, I'm not clever enough to have worked out how to do 'links' (lol), but you should be able to find it by looking :)
Tracy who owns the charity has just rescued some abandoned sheep, and one of them was in such a poorly way that it no longer has any ears left!! And when one of them had been sheared, they had sheared all her teats off but one, so she can't feed her lamb herself.... Oh, my heart went out to them when I saw the photos on Tracys blog.
She is going to be having a raffle in June/July, so any items that you can send she would greatly appreciate them to put in the raffle.
I'm sending the items in the photo below, - a few trivets, flower appliques, a set of crochet edged tags and a couple of crocheted corsages.
Hope these help! :)

I found the plates below in my local charity shop. I'm sorry to say, I had to leave them there... As we're moving, I just can't buy anything that's not immediately usable till we've moved. Still, I took some photos to show you :)

I love the 'retro' look, and such saucy ladies! ;)

I know you're saying I'm mad leaving them there...only £2.50 each!
Here's a picture of of our first big butterfly that we've seen in the garden this year. He liked all the colours on the washing line..

And here's our lovely bluebells (and white bells) out in the garden.


We have a guest who has been staying in the garage all winter...He gets in under the door, and comes out in the evenings to go and feed.

Just thought you might like to say hello!

Hopefully by next post I will have made some lovely little lavender cushions that I've started on to show you..
And I'm experimenting with some new appliques for my pin cuchions which I'll show you next time..
Would love to receive all your comments/ideas...
And any advice on 'linking' would be greatly appreciated! :)
Don't forget to have a look at 'Cupcakes at Home' blogger if you get a minute.
Take care everyone...x