Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy in between Christmas and New Year ! :0)

Hello lovely people :0)
Hope this post finds you all happy and well, and that you all had a super, splendiforous (is that a word?) Christmas.
We did.
Although I do feel a tad greedy.
No, not 'cos all the food, (although yes, I was a bit greedy), but because even though we had all that lovely snow, I'm still jealous of America with all theirs!
Honestly some people are never satisfied are they! :)

Still, I'm up and raring to go now, looking forward to the New Year and all the exiting (hopefully) things that are going to or may happen.

I've been a bizzy bee over Christmas too. Would you like to see some of my makes? Well I'll post a photo further down. I wanted to have a bit of a chat first:)

What I want to know is sometimes, when you get an idea in your head to make something, do you ever just get the urge to make, make, make?
I do.
And sometimes like these past couple of days, it drives me nuts!
I got a lovely amount of yarn from my children and husband for Christmas. I mean they were all just what I call 'oddballs' (no, not my family, the yarn LOL). just lovely bright colours and sooooo squishy. And straight away I had the immediate thought of making some little bags with them. And, well, I haven't been able to stop! Since Christmas day I've made 9! yes, 9 bags!

Since I took the photo above, I've made another two.

I've made the green one above, and a black mohair type one.
I've been mixing my plain but bright Christmas yarns with some mohair and sparkly ones that I already had to add texture.
And I've done a couple in rag crochet which I love :)
I've shown a picture of the sheet that I cut the strips from in the one above and the other rag one is the creamy/flowery one on the right hand side in the top picture.

I'm going to keep the green rag one, but the others are going in my Etsy shop when I get round to taking proper photos :)
I hope they sell, as I can't seem to stop making them, I feel like a wound up doll that isn't running out -I've even got a cream one (my tenth!) on the go while I'm writing this and waiting for my photos to come up ! LOl

It must just be a release from all the tension that unfortunately, Christmas brings most of us....

Anyway, on to other stuff...
I've sorted out a couple of my pillowcase and duvet stash shelves, so now I can see half of what I've got ..The other half is behind what you can see! ..
I've got some really gorgeous retro style pillowcase in there which I might just sell as they are they're so cute...

That's not taking into account the bags I've got stashed in my wardrobe, or my pile of fat quarters that I just can't bring myself to use.
But this year, (I mean 2011) I must try not to buy, and just use all that I have. Only then will I buy, I have decided.

I'm also going to try and recycle and re-use a lot more....but I digress....NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS are a whole other blog post (for someone else...), and I'm not going there as I'll be there all day!! LOL

Here's what was left out for Father Christmas and Rudolph in our house. We always leave him coke, (we don't drink in our house- not intentionally, it's just worked out that way..) as he's probably had so much Sherry before he get's to us, that he could do with a good, long, cold drink! LOl

The pieces of 'scrappy' paper are three very worn Christams lists ;)

Anyway, I had so much to say to you all and now it's gone right out my head! Talk about the attention span of a fly! Honestly.

I'll love you and leave you now.
Take care all of you, especially if you're reading this, and lucky enough to live over the pond where all the snow is! (you know who you are:0) )

Take it easy everyone, and speak soon.
Love Donna x


  1. Donna,
    I know just what you mean...sometimes you start something then you go, go, go and make lots but I really like that feeling too. Your bags are just great. Are you planning on edging your retro pillowcases with crochet? I thinking of doing that here. I am also going to try to live with what I have and work up the items of yarn and fabric I have before buying up new! Have a Happy New Year and keep working at that stash!

  2. How strange! I was over visiting you Clara while you were over here visiting me! technology never ceases to amaze me!
    I have edged a few before, but I just didn't know whether to do it with any of these or not! trouble is, I might ruin 'em! LOL

  3. Donna, once again I have enjoyed your post tremendously. I read your words in my head with my horrid version of an English accent, and it all sounds so sweet because of your phrasing.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the make make make thing. I have been doing just that, and not really making what I should be making- bad me!! Not my fault, though, that my custom kitty bed customer hasn't replied to me about the fabric choices, and my mum has waited this long for her matching rug, so I know she won't mind a bit longer...

    Don't be jealous of my snow. I only got about half an inch!! The storm skirted our region, so we really missed out this time.

    Santa gets water in our house- and cookies. The reindeer get carrots :) Santa gets a note from us, and then he leaves one, too!

    Happy Tween Times to you... I'm leading up to a good New Year's Eve of sitting on the couch with my yarn, watching the ball drop in Times Square. I used to love to go out when I was young and unencumbered- now I am just so happy to be home where it is safe and cozy and warm.

  4. Love the bags, how big are they?. Is rag crochet any harder than using yarn?

  5. You're blog is a whirlwind, so refreshing and I only wish I had as much energy as you seem to have.
    I love the little bags but the one crocheted with rags called out to me. I have never used rags to crochet with, must try that.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding the cats on the wardrobe, so far today no one has gone up there, told you so.......
    Happy new year to you and your family

  6. Thanks, Donna, we're staying safe and warm here on the East Coast of US. And yes, I am crocheting!